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"The world we have created is a process of our thinking.
It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

– Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Everyone deserves to eat well, but many in our communities are vulnerable to food insecurity. Fare Trade’s mission is to provide nutrient- rich, high quality food, for optimum health, to those who need it most. Our mobile food bank serves our most under-resourced neighbors, but also provides, specialized , door-to-door delivery of groceries to those who also struggle with issues related to mobility, age, illness or transportation who cannot utilize current supplemental food programs. Fare Trade is always free to our clients, and no one is ever turned away.

Our goal

Working to replace food-insecurity with Food-Equality.

Our promise

The best, freshest food directly to your table.


It is estimated that there are over 10 million seniors in America who are food insecure. SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) offers relief but of almost 6 million seniors eligible 3 out of 5 do not utilize the program. Food banks and soup kitchens are often not accessible due to immobility or ill-health. Fare Trade was created to fill the gap.


For the food- insecure who also have mobility issues or are chronically ill, eating well is a multi-tiered problem. When we are sick, poor nutrition makes it difficult for the body to fight off secondary illnesses. As energy and strength diminish, shopping can become a burden. For those with mobility issues, lack of proper transport can make food pantries and soup kitchens inaccessible. Meal delivery organizations exist in only a few Morris County municipalities. We bring the supermarket directly to our physically challenged friends.


Morris County is one of NJ's most affluent regions yet over 13% of our children do not have enough to eat. However, just as children cannot thrive without enough food, neither can they thrive on the wrong food.  To feed hungry children, with their developing brains, processed, pre-packaged food solves one problem but creates another. These children often suffer from "hidden hunger", a result of eating food stripped of vitamins, minerals and fiber.


Even in homes with dual incomes many still struggle due to under or un-employment, stagnant wages, illness or the financial strain resulting from chronic  illness, to put food on the table. In many households it is not uncommon to make the choice between dinner or a doctor's appointment. When supplemental food programs are utilized many are unsatisfied  with the lack of fresh, whole food.

Our Pledge

Your information is always confidential

Our Satisfaction

...is your satisfaction

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Volunteers are our most valuable resource. Whether it is a month, a day or an hour. We need and greatly value your participation. No matter what your skill level all are welcome at our office, facility and in the field.

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Are you a high school or college student with a community service requirement ? Whatever your field of study, Fare Trade is an excellent place to put those skills to use, and we promise.. No coffee runs.

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Board Members and Staff

Jacqulyn D’Accardi Vaughan


A Manhattan Real Estate broker since 1994, Jackie spearheaded Reality Conversions in 2004, the first RE company of its kind whose charter included a commitment to public service. With every transaction, 25% of gross profit was donated to her roster of 6 charities.Of her charitable endeavors, she is most proud of having purchased a new home for the family of one of her sponsored children in Zambia in 2005. Jackie is passionate about making healthful food accessible to everyone is Morris County. A former Manhattan Resident, she presently resides in Boonton Township, NJ where Fare Trade is based. She looks forward to bringing Fare Trade to the people of New York.

Bonnie I Burns


Bonnie has spent more than 3 decades working in higher education administration at New York University. Throughout that time, in her role as executive assistant to the senior Vice President of External Affairs, she helped administrate all aspects of the NYU George H. Heyman, Jr. Center for Philanthropy and fundraising.  Her lifelong deep commitment to promoting good health and wellness through optimal nutrition led her to serve Fare Trade's  board. Bonnie holds B.A. in Anthropology with concentrations in Ethnomusicology and Native Studies from NYU. She lives in Closter, NJ.

A. Pamela Marks


A Registered Nurse for almost 40 years, Pam is retired from the University of California Medical Center Irvine 2012 where she was the Director of Psychiatry. She currently hold a position at Kaiser Permanante Healthcare's Dept. of Psychiatry in Southern California. Pam holds a BS in Business Administration, University of Redlands 1986 as well as a MS in Health Administration from Chapman 2004. Pam has an avid interest in both conservation and the education of African youth. She has been an Earthwatch volunteer in Kenya, South Africa, and Peru. In 2017 Pam independently provided 2,000 textbooks to the St. Eleanor's School in Kenya through Books for Africa.

David Andrusia

Director of Marketing and Development

David has worked in non-profit management since 2000, most recently as head of Communications and Development for the Foundation for Sustainable Development in San Francisco. Formerly, he was managing director of the UNICEF-endorsed Artivist Film Festival where he formed partnerships with Amnesty International, Environment California, Greenpeace, and other major NGOs, and orchestrated the participation of Kristen Bell, named Artist of the Year. He also produced the “Sustainable LA” program, commended by Mayors Villaraigosa and Garcetti, as part of the Downtown LA Film Festival. David’s passions lie in providing platforms for honest discussion of global issues and engendering real-world solutions to issues of food insecurity and human rights. A former marketing executive at Revlon, 20th Century Fox, and Time Warner/New Line Cinema, he earned his bachelor’s degrees at Columbia and the Sorbonne, followed by a master’s in communications and marketing management from Penn’s Annenberg and Wharton Schools. He resides in Los Angles, California.

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Volunteers are our most valuable resource. Whether it is a month, a day or an hour. We need and greatly value your participation. No matter what your skill level, all are welcome.

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Fare Trade is a qualified 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization. Your donation is tax deductible. Kindly mail a check to our address below. For material donations please call us at 973.207.5710. Interested in getting involved? give us a call or fill in our contact form.

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